Power Failure Makes SQL Server Database Suspect

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition is a compact database to develop applications in both the native mode and .NET Compact Framework, which extend the enterprise data management abilities to devices. The new version of Microsoft SQL Server CE offers improved query capabilities and database engine. However, in some situations, you may encounter database corruption after improper system shutdown. It leads to critical data loss situations and you need to opt for SQL Database Recovery solutions to get your data back.

An explicit reset or a power failure, which occurs during the transaction commit may mark the SQL 2000 Windows CE database is marked as suspect. You may not recover your Microsoft SQL database, even through the Compact method. The Compact and CompactDatabase method are similar. The method, which you use, is dependent upon development that is used to develop the database.

Grounds of the issue

You may come across this issue when any of the below actions occur while committing a transaction:

You reset the Microsoft Windows CE device.
The Microsoft SQL Server application closes unexpectedly.
Microsoft SQL Server stops responding.

You Microsoft SQL database is marked as suspect, if this issues occur. The transaction commit admits all DML (Data Manipulation Language) statements, which aren't explicitly in transaction. The database may be left in unrecoverable state, depending upon the stage of writing the data from temporary database and SQL Server cache.


The Compact method tries to repair and restore a suspect Microsoft SQL Server database. However, Compact method might not Recover SQL database.

Go through the below guidelines for minimizing the effects of this issue:

Always keep an updated backup of your SQL Server database on any external storage media.
Add progress bar to the application for preventing other users from performing explicit reset while performing data manipulation operations.
Keep the transactions short. You can use the explicit transactions, which encompass a small amount of work.

You can effectively repair and restore your database Microsoft SQL Server database through third-party applications, known as MS SQL Recovery software. They throughly scan the entire database through advanced scanning techniques to restore all the database objects. The SQL Recovery applications come equipped with simple graphical user interface and thus do not demand sound and prior technical skills.

SQL Recovery is the most comprehensive tool that ensure absolute recovery in most of the database corruption scenarios. The software works well with Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2005, and 2000. It restores all database objects, such as tables, reports, formats, constraints, triggers, and stored procedures.

Naveen Kadian is a self employed Internet entrepreneur and product reviewer. This SQL recovery utility is extremely useful when the database gets corrupted due to internal program errors, hardware malfunctioning, accidental deletion of data and more. This SQL recovery software recovers all types of database components including triggers, tables, stored procedures and more.

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