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How often do you download a music clip only to find out it won't play in your MP3 player? The players get smarter every day, but so do restless software developers inventing one new music file format after another. Claiming great benefits such as reduced bitrates and increased perceptual sound quality, these techno geeks forget about the average Joe who simply wants to listen to the music on the go without getting into too much trouble coping with the many different formats.

To add to the confusion, there are multiple versions of these formats. MP3 in fact is MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, and the original standard has defined a number pf things such as bitrates and methods of encoding of a stereo signal. However, as the standard evolved, things such as variable bit rate have been introduced to the standard. Not all modern MP3 players support it, and almost none of the older ones do.

So what shall you do when you get a tune in an uncommon format, or in a strange version of a common format that has features not supported by your MP3 player? Normally, you would look for an audio conversion tool that would be able to save the tune into a format recognized by your player, such as plain MP3. These tools are known as MP3 converters. And while you are searching for one, why not get an MP3 converter that recognizes as many common and weird audio formats as possible?

Convert between hundreds of audio formats with a universal MP3 converter! Factory Audio Converter ( ) makes it easy to turn any audio file into an MP3. Supporting all common and a great deal of exotic audio formats, the tool is the most universal MP3 converter ever created. Convert multiple files between MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE, MPC, and hundreds of other music formats with just a few clicks. Rip CDs directly into your target format - lossless or highly compressed.

Factory Audio Converter is not just another MP3 converter on the market. Supporting a great deal of audio formats, this MP3 converter makes it easy to use just about any audio, no matter how rare or exotic the format is.

Do you have terabytes of music in lossless format? It's unlikely those FLAC files will ever play in your iPod. The MP3 converter will turn each of the files you want on your iPod into MP3, AAC, OGG, or just about any audio format supported by your MP3 player.

Have a lot of CDs collecting dust on your shelves? You won't need a stand-alone CD ripper and MP3 converter if you have Factory Audio Converter! Want to digitize your music but don't want yet another MP3 converter to struggle converting huge WAV files into MP3s? Factory Audio Converter eliminates the need for a stand-alone MP3 converter, and rips your CDs directly into the target format. Go lossless and enjoy crystal-clear audio, or save disk space and go with MP3, OGG, AAC, or any of the many file formats supported by Factory Audio Converter.

Don't settle for an MP3 converter that can only read a few formats other than MP3! With hundreds of supported audio formats and constant development of Factory Audio Converter, you will never need another MP3 converter! Download your free evaluation version at: myformatfactory.coms

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  2. Mampir Sobat, maaf yah agak telat, mampir balik yah..!!

  3. Mampir Sobat, maaf yah agak telat, mampir balik yah..!!

  4. Mampir Sobat, maaf yah agak telat, mampir balik yah..!!