Accelerating the process of boot tips

Maybe you never saw such cases, on your PC, your PC BOOT process more slowly than the other PC that has a lower specification. Of course speed BOOT influenced not only hardware but also software that is installed. Therefore, to optimize the BOOT must involve hardware and software should be. Here are some tricks you can try to optimize your PC so that the BOOT process more quickly, although perhaps some tricks that you never mention we met, at least this trick can add insight in caring for your PC.

1. Defrag DISKOVE content. By doing defrag on the hard drive, the layout of the physical file will be made, the effect, the time to access the hard disk can be faster. Applications for the default windows defrag may be useful. However, the increased speed BOOT akan far more feel when you do the defrag NORTON SPEED DISK, because of the content of hard disk tidy, he also collected to BOOT file placed on the beginning of the hard disk, defrag utility to others as TUNEUP Utilities and System Mechanic also enough to help .

2. Clean the registry. When a program in-uinstall, often leaving the impression he was still in the registry, impressions can be removed with solvents free REGCLEANER called artificial Jouni Vuorio or can visit the site in

3. Defrag the registry. A utility called the registry DEFRAGMENTATION you can use to men-defrag the registry. Utility Tuneup Utilities others, also provide this feature, you can also visit the site
4. Enable non-service that is not useful in load-at BOOT, I right-click on the [STAR]> [RUN] and then type msconfig and press [ENTER]. Tab [SERVICE] and [STARUP], removed the check mark in the service which is considered less useful, for example, your computer is not connected to the network, just turn off all network services, but if you do not believe in a service, let alone service it is
5. NON-SWITCH hardware that is not in use. As adapater onboard network card or modem that is not in use you can turn off through the BIOS
6. SWITCH FEATURES hibernate, the condition of the computer as if non-active application without closing the program is running. The fastest way is to boot the computer from the hibernate position. How to enable hibernate is to right click on the desktop, select the tab [Screensaver] click [POWER] to display the dialogue box akan POWER OPTION click Properties tab [Hibernate] and check the [Enable HIBERNATION]. Once this feature is active, the computer is turned off by clicking [STAR]> [Turn OFF COMPUTER]. Then press and hold [SHIFT] while you click the button [Hibernate]. When you turn on computer from the position [Hibernate] you will see the application is running as normal before you turn off the computer hibernate. Care! If you install more than one operating system, when you hibernate from the first operating system, avoiding the BOOT system opoerasi second, do not do the activity, if already BOOT with both operating systems, do not do activities that lead to changes in the contents of a partition that is used the first operating system . if not, then when you hibernate resum of the OS first, the damage or loss of data can occur. This trick can also be used for the Linux users (with the disabling of the hardware and service that is not necessary), the difference in LINUX and no defrag the registry, as most linux FILE SYSTEM have any reduction in the fragmentation automatically. The service is loaded at boot can be done by using the SysV Init editor. while to hibernate hibernate in Linux (suspend to disk) is provided only Mandrake 9.2, Mandrake somehow in the 10 features is thus eliminated.

safe working!!!

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