Knowing the drivers on the computer

On an operating system, hardware can not work without the drivers, for example on a computer that has been installed as a music player and can play music the way but made no sound, the problem here is that it does not sound drivers installed, as well as on other devices sometimes a hardware device can not work with the maximum, because the hardware generally requires an abstraction that is because the device makers are always releasing new models that provide better reliability, so for that we must constantly update its drivers.

If we see the explanation above, perhaps there is a question especially for a novice driver What was it? Driver or device driver is a software component that allows an operating system to communicate with hard, in general, an operating system will not work at all without the driver installed.

Drivers themselves can easily be obtained from the internet from the windows drivers to compter drivers. Internet is helping us in finding a diver for the drivers because the developers made a lot of drivers include those in which they have a website as an example is the site

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