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One should always be kept to a computer user with a windows registry software, or better known as the windows registy, selalau registry should be maintained if you want your computer has a good performance,

Registry cleaner

By always maintaining and cleaning errors in Windows Registry, it will make optimum computer performance and speed when used.
Registry Cleaner will help you get rid of the error in the registry and improve the error occurred in the Windows Registry, thus making optimum computer and fast. Registry Cleaner is a Freeware that you can get a Free.

Registry Editor

Registry Editor is a set of database programs (database) that contains all the information and computer settings, hardware or software. We can see the center of Windows settings from here. Registry Editor or often known as Regedit. Highly recommended to backup the registry so that if one day we have problems in the system can be restored to the original settings when you create a backup earlier. If you just finished reinstalling Windows, it is the right time to make a Registry Backup

clean registry

is the process of cleaning up files after the uninstall process, the Registry is the heart of the Windows operating system, therefore cleansing the registry must be done to keep it clean and neat so that the system can work fast and stable.
How to use: Clean the Registry menu, mark the area who want to check the registry and then press the [Check]. Select the entry you want to delete invalid and press [Del]. To delete all the registry entries that troubled press [Ctrl] + [Del].

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