Know the registry in windows

Are Operating System?
According to the most simple language that is, a program that can bridge between the machine language of human language, that the existence of a human OPERATING SYSTEM no longer need to understand the programming language in their concentration only in the use of existing equipment.

If you are a computer user with a Windows system, then you certainly know whether it registy? Registry is a database that organized hierarchically and contain information about the configuration of a system, which consists ranging from hardware or similar, on windows xp registry has some subtree: the


If we had been talking about the registry, now we little about the type of registry. Like registry cleaner.

Is the registry cleaner is?
Registry consists of system.dat and user.dat files in the windows directory. Two of these files have the file terbackup automatic system.da0 and user.da0. To maximize the performance of computers, several changes to the registry. Why so ...? Yes, because the windows are made by the designer's purpose for complex user with a variety of needs. So that the features are complete. consequently the number of these features make the process longer work. Though not all the features we need windows. That in which we let non-switch our computers better, and by doing clean registry with registry cleaner software

Registry editor or in the Indonesian language is the registry editor

This editor allows you to see or find and make changes to the registry data. there is some method to start the registry editor, the easiest way is by clicking the Start button, then select Run and on the available inputtext type "regedit", the greatness of the registry editor is the ability to import / export registry settings into the form of text files, marked with the extension. REG, which then file and can be stored and distributed to others to make it easier to modify local registry settings.

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