Tools for computer spy

Did you know that the computer has been able to accompany you on reconnaissance work, maybe you have a question for this if it was true, how can? If anyone asked her answers like that it is very able. Only with the addition of a device to spy your computer can do it, you can lurk even your computer can take the password, or other images from the computer it would be convenient for those of you who used to work with two computers remotely, without having a headache to go home to take what is left of your computer, only with your computer spy tool can do that, easy is not it?

Computer spy tool on the market are sold at a price of about 200-250 U.S. dollar, or if you want a cheaper price, you can try to find on the Internet with computer stalking tool type,

How can I use it?
Physical form of this computer spy tool just like a normal USB so very light and you need not bother, other than a strong design tool for stool pigeons to inform on this computer is also very easy to use even a novice in the computer knows. This computer spy tool can be used only with 3 easy steps

1. Insert Into USB Of Any PC Or Laptop
2. In 5 Seconds - Nano Windows iBots To Attach To Begin Full Covert Monitoring - Remove the USB
3. When Ready, Re-Insert Into USB to Retrieve Everthing

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