Looking Forward to Windows 7

I've been a computer guy for many years and I have seen many versions of Windows software released over the years. I camera when we used to use Windows 3.1 for workgroups. Since then I've seen all the releases of Windows right up to Windows Vista. Now it's no secret that Microsoft got themselves into hot water with their Vista version.

In their defense that did have some good ideas in it. For example the menu bar was much more mature and understandable than Windows XP. Plus the visual effects in Vista are quite nice. But the instability, slowness and requirements for large amounts of physical resources far outweigh these advantages. So much so that many companies and individuals have completely resistant upgrading to Windows XP to Windows Vista. Microsoft decided to go back to the drawing board on this one and see how they could salvage their new ideas that emerge with Vista and put back the stability and speed we've grown to love with previous versions of Windows.

I've done a fair bit of reading on forums with people who have tried the beta version of Windows 7 with great interest. More often than not people have been quite impressed with the speed and stability the Windows 7 is providing. That to me is very good news. Most of the time when a company is perform beta testing there will be lots of extra code to do things like reporting errors, collecting information and general debugging tasks. When the live version comes out much of this would be removed thus improving the speed again. There is a small chance of instability when you remove these debugging tools.

So we will have to see. Windows 7 should have been released by the time you see this article. We will see if this newest version of Windows from Microsoft really is everything that we should be looking forward too.

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