Tips hide RUN AS option on windows XP

Did you, in that the actual SYSTEM OPERATION on windows XP there are two types of accounts that can be applied to the user's computer? the first is the administrator account and second account, the administrator has the right to modify other accounts, install, access all files, and make other changes that affect the system.

If someone signed in to use the windows account is limited, almost non-existent fundamental changes that can be done with the I is, to make changes to the user must right-click on the file.exe or shortcutnya, and then click on [RUN AS] in the context menu and enter the administrator password.

With this feature, users can access programs that require administrator access easily because he does not need to logout of the account is limited, only to run a program.

The weakness of this feature, the account owner is limited so easy to guess password-nebak I is in the administrator's. Hide only the [RUN AS] from the context menu,
Here's how.

1. Run the registry editor
2. Go to sub KEY
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Currentversion \ Policies \ Explorer.
3. Create a new DWORD Value With Right Click On The Mouse on the right panel, and select [New]> [Dword Value]
4. Give HIDENRUNASVERB sebgai new DWORD value.
5. Then click ganda [HIDENRUNASVERB] and fill in its value with the value 1
6. Tehnik last click [OK] close the registry editor window and restar windows.

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