CD with a 500 GB

WASHINGTON, - General Electric developed a compact disc (CD) with new technology so that it can store data up to 500 GB. For now, these products will be designated for the storage needs of digital data archives, but not impossible will be thrown to the consumer market.

The size of the disk is the same as a CD or DVD disc standard. Ability to store data more than the DVD and Blu-ray technology for implementing micro holografik. With this technology, the digital information stored in three-dimensional non-cavity-cavity on the surface of the disc as in the technology, CD, VCD, or DVD.

"Hardware and the format is very similar to the optical storage technology that is currently so that player holografik micro-disk can be used to play CD, DVD, and Blu-ray," the GE official statement.

GE is currently developing in collaboration with hardware manufacturers to produce a CD micro holografik it. target user's first optical disc, among other television stations, film studios, health clinics, and hospitals that require storage of large archives.

However, the disk capacity of this kela individual user is also required. Moreover, the development of HD video (high definition) film and even 3D data that spend very large.

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