How to create photo 360 degrees on facebook

Facebook's hobby? You can also make the edit photos. Causes on facebook all photographs will be a lot of people see. Now, facebook there is a 360-degree photofeatures made, already know? Or indeed can not how to make itIn this tutorial, I'll give you the quick start tips. Let's find out more.

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In fact, Facebook already puts a 360-degree photos feature since June 2016. However, to date, not all users know how to upload or make a photo with a format like that in Facebook applications.

Interestingly, how to make a photo 360 degrees on Facebook is very easy. In fact,users do not need to have a special camera to create content that would be divided into Facebook.

Way, users only need to upload a photo panorama keFacebook. The system will automatically change the photo to display 360 degrees. Any unggahnya the same way as usual.

Users just choose "Update Status" or "Photo" tab, select a panoramic photo, write a caption, and then select a location or tag friends if desired, then press the "Post".

However, if you have a camera 360 formatted, can still be used to make such photos. Some cameras that already has that ability, such as Ricoh Theta S, Samsung, and LG 360 Gear Cam 360.

Before it's uploaded, photos that can be used as the format of the 360 degrees are usually equipped with a round logo at the bottom right (the logo as shown above).

To take the panorama, users can directly utilize the camera and provisioning software that is in the smartphone and tablet.

Most Android based smartphone currently has indeed include a feature panoramic photographs. iPhone iOS-based 9 also includes these features.

If you don't have these features, you can use a 360-degree panorama or application available. Some of them like Google Street View, Camera, Camera, or Cardboard Theta S.

You can also "sew" photos into a panorama using applications such as PTGui.

One thing to remember, Facebook revealed that this feature will work with photos that shooted at the corner with up to 100 degrees or more.

So, if do not want to take a photo of the landscape as a whole, you need to experiment to find out the size of 100 degrees.

How to enjoy a 360-degree photo

In the meantime, users can enjoy the content 360 degrees viasmartphone, PCas well as virtual reality headset a.k.a. virtual reality (VR).

On the smartphone, users simply shake the device to the right, left, topand bottom. The photo displays the overall perspective. If you want to enjoy via the PC, users need the cursor to scroll the screen to different points of view.
The experience of riveting most by the VR. Users simply point your head in different directions, according to the perspective you want to see.

Photo or video formats such as 360 degree itself is indeed being ngetren lately. In fact, the independence of the Republic of Indonesia commemoration ceremonyTo-71 broadcast using the format via YouTube.

Good luck making a 360-degree photos on Facebook!

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