Facebook Is Shutting Down Or What?

One of the crucial things that appeared in the 21st Century and a thing that has changed the world and our views of life is definitely the social network called Facebook. At once people decide to share their private life with strangers from all around the world, put their thoughts, their interests and affections on the internet, with a purpose to communicate with known and unknown persons.

Facebook, since the day it has appeared, has been connecting distant relatives that live in different parts in the world, helps find your classmates that you haven’t seen them for many, many years, hides many new born loves, but in the same time is a reason for cheating, divorcing, misunderstandings… The point is that thanks to the mass hypnosis, caused by Facebook, the network has proximately 500 millions active users, according to the statistics and the last news that has been spreading on the internet is that Facebook is going to be shut down on 15th March!

This news has made a panic into the world of the network. Besides the practical side of this invention, the network has made many people addicted from it, addicted from spending their precious time staring at the PC and thinking of some unknown people instead of thinking of them selves. “Weekly world news” was the web page that published this news on Saturday, January 8th, and the declared was followed by almost 10 000 comments.

According to this page, the founder on the network, Mark Zuckerberg has announced in a press conference outside his Palo Alto office that Facebook has went out of control, that has been making his life too stressful, the madness is spreading all around, so he has decided to shut down the page and bring his life back. Reputedly this news was confirmed from the others employed in Facebook.

And while one group of people is pretty upset from the news, another group feels free finally. The parents mention the rpg games played on this network that has been putting their children in danger, confronting them with suspicious types of people. They are happy because this way their children will have time to talk to them, instead of chatting all the time.

But the things can’t be that easy then it’s about FB. On Monday, January 10th, CNN has announced that the news was false. They declare that it can’t be possible in this moment after the company has announced pretty important round of funding.

However, true or false, this is a thing that would be talk about a lot, until the famous date when we’ll definitely know what will be our free time preoccupation in future – Facebook or something new…

By: Marina Janakievska

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