Holiday weekend with a sony Z1 camera

Is a habit in our family always at each end of the month to vacation with family, towards the end of the month that we begin to prepare everything from food preparation and other clothing beverages.
Period with the family is an unforgettable time for me, because it is full of memories and good times, for which I have never been through those times, on every holiday we always capturing those precious memories with a sony camera hire, as for the type of my choice to immortalize each memory is always with a
sony z1 video camera hire 

At the moment we arrived a family vacation leave with great joy that we have to place rencakan, with a sony camera hire we are not afraid to forget every memory that we experienced, for so many years we always use the camera to capture all our memories good memories of love or grief so how about you? Are you Shuah immortalize your memories, my advice is always use a sony camera hire because the picture is clear and bright, wait, one more suggestion I .... To be seen on camera just open in

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  1. I am professional photographer and movie maker and in my 15 years career i am still using Sony i always prefer to others for it. Your ZI too good be professional i suggest it to others.