Know the windows registry

Registry is a database that is composed of a hierarchy that has information about a system on the windows, for yag already proficient with the computer would have no difficulty in this matter, but for you beginners info on the registry is very important. Registry is also different each different windows, different from the Windows NT registry is also different on Windows 9x, besides having a physical file, the registry also has a structure and can be explained that the registry has a few saplings.

On windows there is a 16 Bit yag components useful for editing the registry and this is his windows registry editor. The so-called registry editor, but it is also the name registry cleaner, clean registry or the so-called registry cleaner is a cleaning process files that settles on the registry, in a process of clean registry we need the help of software called registry cleaner software bsa we downloaded it for free on the Internet, use search engines to search for registry clean. Good work

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