Download Free SmadAV Rev. 2009. 7.5

Free smadav anti virus, free anti virus,Free download Smad Anti Virus (SmadAV) the latest version of SmadAV Rev. 2009. 7.5 update December 16, 2009 and 3899 to know more than the virus. SmadAV Antivirus 2009 is available in two versions, including Pro and SmadAV SmadAV Free. The difference is the additional features and new features will be added in the next revision. Some excellent features of the 2009 version of Pro SmadAV is 10x faster scanning, change the color theme (appearance), the automatic flash is very fast scans, automatic updates online, available in Indonesian & English, permits the use of profits and many other powerful features in SmadAV Pro (pay) them. But if you want a free version of course, the Free SmadAV can still be used well to scan a variety of local virus

New in SmadAV Antivirus 7.5:
- Adding a local database 103 new viruses
- Completion of Smad-Behavior to avoid False Positive
- Added some new heuristic techniques
- Fixed a bug that causes hangs SmadAV when scanning a particular file
- Improving protection and blacklists to use pirated Pro SmadAV
- Improved auto-refresh bug in tree-directory display

To get "SmadAV Pro rev. 7.5", you can donate to to obtain registration. Please visit the official website that directly addresses the
And to get SmadAV 2009 rev 7.5, you can download it via the following link: free download SmadAV Rev. 2009. 7.5 Latest update December 16, 2009, click

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