Computerspy, sophisticated equipment from a technology advancement

Technology users have been spoiled by the presence of a very good product, "computer spy" name, like in a body can do intelegent "computer spy" surveillance on another computer though with great distances, not only to stake out this tool can also computerspy to retrieve the password from another computer, even also to take pictures or documents such as what form?
This tool, shaped like a flash "computer spy" with a small size so it is very convenient to use because you can take him anywhere where and are made of materials that are not easily damaged.

How much does it cost?

The price of this tool "computer spy"very affordable, only $ 129.95 and can be found in, with the price of $ 129.95 it certainly is not how much when compared with the advantages of this tool so "computer spy" but powerful tool, but also cheaper and easier in use.

How does its use?

From its shape we can know that this tool "computer spy" is a very sophisticated yet simple in its use, so for starters you do not have to be afraid to use it, just a few steps you can use it.

Must be logged into computers with installation rights prior to inserting devices

3 Easy Steps

1. Insert Into USB Of Any PC Or Laptop

2. In 5 Seconds - Nano Windows iBots To Attach To Begin Full Covert Monitoring - Remove the USB

3. When Ready, Re-Insert Into USB to Retrieve Everthing

if you feel angry if your data or your computer is stolen staked out with this tool or you may not feel like if your wife or your child is using this tool?
A great development of technology, easy and cheap, so you should try this tool.

Good work!!

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