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Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgradefree anti virus, tutorial windows 7, computer tutorial,Area of Game TestingFunctionality is a type of testing that is very closely associated with "game testing", which implies playing a game in some form. Functional game testers doesn't require to be technically strong enough, though understanding basic concepts about programming can give a tester insight about the possible cause of a problem, which can help in preparing a report easily understandable by a developer. Functionality testing covers general problems within the game itself or its user interface. Stability, correctness of game mechanics, and integrity of game assets are the major issues which fall in functionality testing.

Compliance is a type of game testing performed to fix errors once all the assets are integrated and all development stops. Compliance testing occurs during Beta. This testing is used for integrating first party licensor's, such as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, with original console game. In one line, compliance testing is to ensure products meet with manufacturer requirements and terminology compliance, allowing you to be a step ahead all the way to a first time pass.

Compatibility game testing is normally required for PC titles. Compatibility game testers are expected to have knowledge in de-assembling and assembling computer and installing operating system. Compatibility tester's care whether the game runs in different configurations of hardware. Cross testing is done between different configurations and different operating systems. Performance is closely evaluated and based on the result, positive or negative, games minimum required peripherals are determined. In some cases, developers can fix the issues while in other cases, simply the software or hardware will be dropped.

Localization game testing is performed to maintain the impact of the drama. Localization game testers are employed to review the game's script, looking to make technical corrections as well as reviewing the translation work itself to ensure that it matches natural speech patterns. Localization game testers act as an editor.

Support services including technical support, as standalone or combined with compatibility to provide troubleshooting, technical knowledge and comprehensive support, and a wide range of infrastructure management services.

Hussie, a professional game tester, working as a consultant with a game testing company in Bangalore, India specializing in compatibility testing, functionality testing, compliance testing, and localization testing for PC, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PS3 / PSP, Nintendo Wii / DS, Mac and mobile platforms.

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