Get $ 100 from Facebook

This time I will announce the current business hot-get on the Internet is $ 100 from paypal. But this can infomormasi say not so hot. Not many people know
And yet many who write about this. Bagimana I enroll in this system? Actually this system is connected by Facebook. So the system producing $ 100 from paypal this has become the applications in Facebook. The name is Paypal Wishlist application.

So you live just add this application into your Facebook. Once you register, or install this application to your facebook, you can direct $ 1. And then to get $ 100, you have to ask someone to join. Easy is not it? although as many as 100 people, but you do not have to be difficult to promote, Stay you legislate this application to your facebook friends. Other promotional techniques, namely to write a review on this blog.

For further way, please follow the step below carefully
* Login with your Facebook account
* Then go to the campaign page Paypal Wishlist
* Enter your Paypal email address is already verified, yet have a PayPal kalo aja list of programs used to Wishlist PayPal, PayPal email verification affairs later aja: D
* The final step simply make your Wishlist. Then share aja directly to your friends on Facebook.

What program is Scam PayPal Wishlist? Never mind that an important first join aja now. Scam business is business lately, yet not out of money

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