Error-69 in iTunes

iTunes, developed by Apple Inc., not only as an entertainment application but also to act as an interface between a computer and the iPod and iPhone. It is the sole software which allows you to organize data and other things on the iPod. And as with every software, it has it's ups and downs. iTunes often faces problems which could have rather heartbreaking results. More often than not, a problem with iTunes causes our data to get deleted. Often irreversible, this is a cause for major concern to those who use iPod often and have taken the pains to set it up with all the playlists etc.

One might say "so what if the songs get deleted? You can always re-load them" While this is a good idea if you have a back-up from where you can reload the songs, most people don't keep back-ups!!! We just take it for granted that 'nothing will go wrong if I'm careful'!!

Songs are generally bought from the iTunes store. This means that along with your music, videos etc, your hard earned money has gone down the drain!! These songs, etc, can easily be recovered with the help of an iPod recovery software.

For instance when the iPod is connected to the computer and you try to sync it with iTunes, you get the following error:

"Attempting to copy to the disk failed. An unknown error occurred (-69)"

The cause for this error is that the file(s) that are being sent to the iPod, is(are) unusable meaning that something is wrong with it(them).

To resolve the problem, one needs to simply follow the steps below:

Sync the iPod and iTunes using the "Sync Songs"

The name of the file creating the problem will appear (just before the error occurs) on the display on top of

Remove this file from the list.

Select the " Sync only checked songs and videos" checkbox from the Summary tab.

Select the songs you want to sync to the iPod and then again choose "Sync Songs"

If the above steps do not work, you will need to restore the iPod. Restoring an iPod leads to file deletion. All the files in the iPod are lost for good. To resolve the problem, after restoring the iPod, use and iPod recovery software to recover iPod data. The software scans the iPod for all data that was stored on it, and then retrieves the same.

Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery, is a software which helps recover iPod or iTunes data no matter what the folder type is-AVI, MOV,, MP3, MP4, M4A etc. It is an extremely user friendly software, allowing even amateur users to swiftly and efficiently recover data on their own without the help of an expert!!

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