The Secret to Fighting Cybercrime

Free porn movies indonesian. computer tutorials,The Secret to Fighting Cybercrime,free pcmave, download anti virus terbaru I was shocked to learn how fast the threat of cybercrime is growing. I couldn't believe a report from the Department of Treasury that the profits of Cybercrime are greater than the profits of the sale of illegal drugs. When President Obama informed us that cybercriminals have stolen $8 billion dollars from Americans in the past two years and the cost of repairing computers has risen to $11 billion a year. Cybercrime is not about vandalism. It is about our economy.

Beware of free or store bought security software installed on your computer that claims to protect you from cybercriminals. Your chance of becoming a victim is 7 out of 10. Companies like McAfee, Symantec (Norton), and Trend Micro, Inc. spend a lot of money advertising how good their products are, but Computer World Security writes that they "confirmed vulnerabilities in their security software that could let hackers hijack systems.

The security software and suites that these companies sell do not prevent cybercrime. They mainly focus on worms, Trojans horses, and spyware that allow hackers to infect your computer. It takes many hours for the security companies to capture and analyze the problem, write a new solution, and get it to you. Therefore, hackers are always one step ahead of the security companies. This explains why 172,000 computers are hacked each day.

Security companies do not focus on vulnerabilities, e.g. weak passwords, software bugs, a computer virus or other malware that allow hackers to install malware on your computer, take your sensitive data, convince you to open an email message with attached malware, or copy a hardened, encrypted program onto a thumb drive and crack it at home. Not focusing on these vulnerabilities can bring the 'blue screen of death ' and make your operating system unusable.

When your computer is hijacked, it becomes a zombie computer. The cybercriminal now has full control of all your personal information and can use it for criminal activities. You don't know that this has happened. Your computer slows down and you go to the tech to get it fixed. It costs a lot of money and happens a few times a year. You wish there was a better way to manage your computer, but nobody tells you how.

I know exactly how you feel as I once had 7,500 malware on my computer and it was slowing down. I then enrolled in a managed internet security program where a team of techs remotely cleaned it up. They then installed professional grade software and a bi-directional firewall on my computer, scanned it daily and I was notified immediately if malicious malware had been placed on my computer. I then deleted it. I just love my Managed Internet Security Service.

Check this list to help decide to consider a new concept in Computer Protection, Managed Internet Security, and to learn about the latest technologies that can protect you, your family and your business from cybercrime and cybercriminals.

1. When you first sign up, you will have a tech team who will spend hours to remotely remove viruses, spyware, Trojans, and malicious codes from your computer that the security software you have on it did not remove.
2. You will get professional grade software that bypasses the Windows Operating System, directly scans locations of the hard drive, and removes the infections that are found.
3. You will have a clean and fast computer.
4. Notification pop-ups and warnings will be at a minimum.
5. You are immediately warned of any major security outbreaks.
6. Your emails and attachments will be protected from malware.
7. You can have all of the above for just a small monthly fee.

I am Miriam Bobroff, President and CEO of Bubby's Business, Inc. an international marketing and distribution company that offers information and education about Cybercrime and Identity Theft. A Managed Internet Security Service iis offered that prevents these crimes but should the inevitable happen, trained professionals help solve the problem.Everyone can now fight the war on Cybercrime and be safe and secure from Cybercriminals.

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