Why is My Computer Running Slowly?

Many people are finding their computers are running more slowly than they like or they remember them being from when I first bought them. This happens quite commonly and oftentimes is not related to a virus or ad aware. The problem likely to lies in your system's registry, so here is how to speed your computer if you find yourself asking why is my computer running slowly.

Your computer's registry can be thought of as your computer's memory. This is the place on your computer where it keeps all of the data and settings for your various programs so that they run correctly. Even the smallest problems within your system's registry can significantly slow down your computer or cause massive damage elsewhere.

Over time, your registry gets cluttered up and sometimes connections are broken so that some programs do not work correctly, you get random error messages, or worst of all the blue screen of death which everyone is familiar with. Typically on top of all these other problems, you'll find that your computer is running slower than you're accustomed to.

For all these reasons programs called registry cleaners have been created to safely and effectively enter your system's registry and clear it out and clean it up. These programs are specifically designed for this task and are the recommended solution because going into your computer's registry yourself can cause irrevocable damage. Once the program runs (much like a virus cleaner) you'll notice an immediate difference in performance much like when you first got it out of the box.

You're tired of asking why is my computer running slowly, click on this link to get a free scan from the best current registry cleaner which you can find.

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