Four Signs You Need a New ERP Software System

erp software system,Because trends in business change, because customer needs change, it stands to reason that your company should adapt as you go along. For some, this means a serious consideration into upgrading computer infrastructure for smoother performance, while for others it could mean embracing the new technology age and getting a new system altogether! If you believe your business - whether working with textiles or food processing, retail or wholesale - is running smoothly and can weather the occasional glitch, think about the following signs that you may be in need of a new solution.

1) Does your system experience frequent downtime? If you are constantly having to reboot terminals because systems are freezing up, it could be time to consider upgrading not only your hardware, but also the ERP program you use to manage your company.

2) Has your company greatly downsized or grown? If your business recently experienced a boom that necessitated the hiring of more employees, or if you had to make severe cutbacks, the way you manage payroll is definitely effected. Depending on the change, it may be time for a better program to accommodate new data.

3) Are you branching out? Have you opened satellite offices or stores in other locations? Have you franchised your business? If you wish to keep all information centralized, your current ERP solution may not be equipped to handle communication with different systems used in other offices.

4) Are you changing focus? Have you changed the way you do business - emphasizing more consultation than product? Maybe your product line is changing. So your ERP program should be adaptable to the changes within your business.

Discern how your business runs, and you may find it's time to apply new solutions to make for smoother inventory and accounting transactions. Consult with an ERP professional to determine the next steps.

K. Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Virginia Microsoft Dynamics consultants and Internet time management software.

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