How to Choose a Flat Screen Monitor

monitor LCD. computersetSo you've finally decided that it's time to upgrade that old CRT monitor that you have been using for the last decade, and you have your eyes on a shiny new flat screen monitor. You've been shopping around, trying to inform yourself on the subject so that you can make an educated purchase. As you have probably noticed, there is a lot of information floating around detailing the numerous specs and qualities of LCD monitors. There are also dozens upon dozens of monitor choices to pick from - so what should you choose? This article will help you determine what type of flat panel monitor will accommodate you best.

Since there are so many choices of monitors to pick from, your best bet is to narrow down this list by pinpointing what you need a monitor to do for you. Depending on your usage, there are certain features you may or may not need. But generally, monitors seem to fall under two categories.

The first category is if you're just using a monitor for work related purposes. This includes internet browsing, light video watching, typing, email, etc. If you fall into this category, then you won't need a monitor with an insane response time. Instead of doling out extra money for a monitor with 2-3ms, you can get by with 5-8ms. What you should really focus on is finding a monitor whose screen size satisfies you. Also, you should make sure that the monitor is easy to use - that is, make sure that you can easily adjust the angle so that you are comfortable when using it.

If you intend to use your flat screen monitor for more demanding purposes, such as video games, video editing, image editing, etc., then you'll want to find a monitor that has a high response time, preferably in the 2-3ms range. You may be able to get by with 5-8ms, but you'll have a better experience with 2-3. Screen size and adjustability are also very important, as the odds are that you'll be in front of this screen for long periods of time, so you should be comfortable.

In conclusion, the specifications of the flat panel monitor that you buy should be dependent upon what you intend on using that monitor for. If you won't be performing highly demanding tasks such as games and digital editing, then you don't need as good of a response time as if you would be performing these tasks. Bottom line, make sure you pick out an LCD that has a big enough screen size and image quality to satisfy you.

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