12V Water Pump For Cooling Computers

12V Water Pump For Cooling Computers, Tutorial computerAny extra powerful domestic computer will get very hot and have a constantly running noisy fan, so some people are fitting water cooling systems with a reservoir, pies and 12v water pump to circulate cool water around the busy processor.

When I say processor, I mean processors plural because the latest chipsets have reached a maximum speed that can be achieved with one chip for now, and are combined as duo or quad processors. Off the shelf, these supercomputers are factory set so that the processor never exceeds a set speed, even though the electronics are quite capable of running a a lot faster. So hardware hackers have found ways of setting the speed higher, maybe up to double the normal speed. This is a procedure known as overclocking - resetting the clock speed to a faster one, and it can result in a much faster computer without spending tons of extra money for the more expensive models. The only downside is that the overclocked processors will produce a lot of extra heat, to the extent of going well beyond the safe operating temperature of the motherboard. This means the fan swill be on much more than off, and just the extra noise of a busy fan might be enough to make you want to install a water cooling system with a 12v water pump.

The solution to having a quieter, cooler computer lies in having a water cooling system which comprises of a reservoir of water, a means to circulate the water (the 12v water pump) and a heat exchanger of some sort which goes beyond the scope of this little article.

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