Uses of PDF in Various Sectors

Global work flow, thirst for low-cost automation, productivity and efficiency are the attributes that public and private organizations are seeking for. One of the key factors to meet these needs is to reduce paper work. Word Documents, Excel sheets and PDF Files are the vital applications in computer that help gain efficiency in less period of time.

In the technologically advanced world, you can convert any application to another. For instance, with a PDF to word converter, a PDF can be converted into word file. There are also other softwares that convert PDF files to Excel, Power Point or Postscript.

Among all applications, PDF File is the widely used and popular one. There are few basic reasons behind the success of PDF everywhere:

1. Once created a PDF cannot be altered or edited unless the user has a password. Hence, it is secure.

2. A PDF document delivers an exact representation of an original document.

3. A PDF is free to view and print with Adobe's free and ubiquitous Reader software

It has various uses as it is packed with rich features that are highly user-friendly. PDF files can be used in government, education and business sectors. It can be also used in the printing business.

Uses of a PDF file in government sector:

In a government institution, various legal documents are prepared. There are also laws, memos, reports, policies, regulations, forms, contracts and so on. The process of authoring, editing, reviewing, signing, managing, collecting, disseminating or destroying these documents is the basic task of the government. PDF files are secure. It enables a government to adopt businesslike approach. It accelerates speedy communications within the government and outside. It also makes government documentations more accessible to disabled users.

Uses of a PDF file in business sector:

There are a number of corporates that focus on the agility and perfection of work. Business organizations need to convert their Excel sheets or Power Point presentations or Word to PDF. They do so mainly during presentations or during their marketing campaigns. It is done to give a more professional look to an organization before the outside world.

Uses of a PDF file in educational sector:

Trend of on line tutorials, on line examinations, e books have turned popular among the students. PDF Documents have been used as it is user-friendly.

Uses of a PDF file in printing business:

PDFs are commonly used in print media or publishing houses. It is used as an electronic data format between creators, designers, reviewers, printers and advertising companies.

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