Laptops For Cheap

Laptops for cheap can be had in a couple different places if you are looking for portable computing on a tight budget. The first stop I would make is at Craigslist to look for cheap local deals. Depending on where you live, you might be able to snag a good deal on a cheap used laptop in your area. Of course, always deal locally and in person if you go this route and never send money as it is not necessary.

Your second option for a cheap laptop is to go on eBay. There you can find much higher volume than on Craigslist and so you can narrow in on exactly what type of laptop you want. The best thing to do is to find a couple of machines and configurations that you want to buy and then do some searches and watch several auctions at a time. Monitor about 2 dozen auctions in your account and do your homework so that you know what they are worth and what they have been selling for lately. Try to shoot for a winning bid of about 10 percent less than the cheapest price you have seen. If you are watching enough auctions then you will get a laptop for your target price if you are patient and thus get a great deal.

One last option is to simply go buy the cheapest netbook you can find, brand new, at a local store. The key here is to do some testing on the netbook to make sure you can type comfortably and can actually get real work done on the machine. If so then you can get some new netbooks as cheap as 200 dollars.

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