Printer Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your printer gives you great benefits such as getting rid of smudges, white lines, and reduce paper jams. The most important benefit you get from cleaning your printer is the money you save by prolonging the life of your printer. Who doesn’t want to save nowadays?

Let us begin at once then with the first step and before you put your gloves please put your reading glasses because what you need to do first is check your manufacturer’s documentation. It is important to see their tips on what not to do and what can be done. The last thing we want is to void the warranty. If you don’t have the written manual, most manufacturers have them available in their websites. Use only the cleaners your manufacturer recommends and clean only recommended areas of your printer.

Second step then is to clean the outside of your printer first… what? Isn’t better inside out? What we want to avoid is to get extra dust or dirt once you open the printer so it is better to do the outside first. Here are the steps:

a) Turn your printer off before cleaning.
b) Clean the outside of your printer with a moist, lint-free cloth. Flour sacking or 100% cotton white t-shirt material works well.
c) Usually a solution of one part vinegar and one part water is safe to use, but when moistening a cloth, be sure to wring out all the excess. Distilled or RO (reverse osmosis) water minimizes mineral residues. If you do use a prepared cleaner, make sure it is safe for both electronics and plastics.
d) Always moisten the cloth. Never spray an aerosol directly onto your printer.

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