General damages in the HP 88 Ink cartridges for print

HP 88 ink cartridges come from HP (and a few reputable re-manufacturers) with pigment based black Vivera inks. These inks are specifically formulated to work with the thermal print heads in your printer. Viscosity and dry time play major roles in ensuring that your print heads will last a long, long time. If either of these two properties are off, your print heads will overheat.

Most HP cartridges re-manufactured in China are shipped to the U.S. markets containing DYE based black inks. As 99% of HP black cartridges are designed for PIGMENT based inks, this causes a major problem for consumers. The generic dye based inks do not provide the necessary viscosity to keep the print heads cool, therefore print head failures are eminent.

If you want to save money on HP ink cartridges, you have one choice. Either refill with or buy re-manufactured ink cartridges that contain inks that are made in America. The simple reason is this... American aftermarket ink factories invest enough in research and development to be able to produce cost effective inks that match the chemical properties and performance of the originals. America leads the world in generic inks, yet most re-manufacturing facilities overseas don't spend the extra nickel per cartridge to include higher quality inks. Simple economics. This is the very reason that many people if asked will tell you that they've tried generic ink cartridges and didn't like the way they worked, if they worked at all. The simple reason for this is that 99% of generic ink cartridges contain cheap generic inks made in Asia.

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  2. The price of cartridges varies depending on the printer model and brand. However because cartridges contain very little ink - there is very little value.