Xeon 5500

Rapid development of information technology, the development of the device also hard, therefore, removing the product newest Intel, Xeon processor 5500 series, the first Xeon chip based on Nehalem. Products implementing this new standard, because it has a two-socket performance and can cut energy use of electricity.

chip is designed for servers and workstations, are expected to bring increased performance and power efficiency for the Xeon platform,

this system Nehalem also consume 20% of energy and combined with some server speed 25 Gbits. However, for desktop Nehalem processors have been launched with the first name Corei7. than the Xeon 5500 series for dual-socket system, Xeon 3500 is also used for single-socket system, the system can support Nehalem EP 144 GB DDR3 memory and memory controller support up to 1333 Mhz. Intel Hyperthreading technology to make each Core processor capable of handling two tasks simultaneously. Nehalem will also have the Turbo Boot, this feature can help the maximum use of the processor, if the operating system asks for more performance, and the chip is in high summer, the feature can encourage Clock Speed for each processor core, features Intel Flex Migration can also make it easier to migrate a virtual machine between server-based and Intel Nehalem. Chip Intel Xeon 5500 series with clock speed 3.2 GHz-1.86 GHz. With four bands (130 W, 95 W, 80 W, 60 W) for the single chip socke Xeon 3500 has a clock speed 3.2 GHz-2.93 GHz and 2.66 GHz band in 130 W. besides, this processor is able to reduce expenditure, the efficiency of electricity about 10 watts, at full use, this power can be with 15 levels. This savings significantly improve management of power consumption by adjusting the power system is based on Throughput in realtime, even though more sparingly, but does not affect performance. This makes the performance of computer systems increased to 80% Xeon 5500 series is also better for virtualization and memory plus support for virtual machines each server.
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