Whether or not the work can be affected by your office environment. Yes ...! tranquility in work will make you concentrate more and work with the office atmosphere, but can be changed immediately because of the presence of noise from the computer. To anticipate the things that you should see the following tips.

Tips analyze the noise in the computer ...
Noise on the computer can be caused by computer fans, please check whether your computer fan or less dirty oil, if you find this clear flee fan ... your computer or give the oil on the fan. In addition, note also that the size of fan used, try using a larger fan with a lower speed, because,

a larger fan can expel more hot air, it does not need to make a fan to revolve too fast so that your computer is not noisy. Another computer and it is noisy due to hard disk when you do not use a computer you should not use this to make your hard drive does not work for a while. You can also set the agara your hard drive does not work for a while how the OPTIONS POWER OPTION existing in the CONTROL PANEL, besides you can also use the Bracket PLASTIK DISKOVE to protect you, Bracket is generally sold in computer stores that sell many of the components in, a device that is not less noisy Flopy Disk. To anticipate this, you should not use Flopy Disk again, you can change Flopy Disk with FLASH DISK have a much greater capacity and practical. In addition to using a fan, you can also try other cooling techniques using water cooling technology, according to the name, this tool is to use water, it will be much more expensive but the result is the maximum for your computer, do not forget to always set your PC's temperature monitoring well temperature through hardware or software. Fan does not need to work every day, because if the computer shows a high temperature, fan will be working hard and remove noise, or if you find it? You can stop working and wait while your computer to be cold again. Congratulations to work


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