PCMAVE 2.0a update BUILD3

One of the best-made anti-India has issued newest update in April this (19 April 2009). With this update they have 30 additional signatures that can be detected by PCMAV 2.0a. So that the total amount of virus that can be detected as many as 2690 signatures.

Immediately upadte antivirus update this with you to maximize the anti-labor.

There are two ways to update, online and offline. If you choose to run the online anti-virus on your computer that is connected to the internet.

Or offline with the download antivirus PCMAV 2.0 build 3 plus updates on the address link below.

2 Responses to "PCMAVE 2.0a update BUILD3"

  1. thanx ya buat softwarenya!

    jgn lupa ya main kesini!


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