The Brother Dcp 1000 Printer Toner Cartridge, Low Cost For The Home Office

Home offices often are encumbered with a printer, a scanner and a copier.

The individualization of machines takes up space in the office and resources in the computer. The Brother DCP-1000 printer is a multifunction machine that combines printing, copying and scanning abilities in one machine. This multifunction ability allows work space to be freed up and ease of use from the PC.
Many multifunction machines have the ability to work in only one environment; purchasers are forced to choose between machines that will work in only a Windows or Mac environment. The DCP-1000 has both parallel and USB ports allowing both Windows and Mac users to choose it.
In the printer or copier mode, the DCP-1000 will provide 10 copies per minute with a 600 X 600 dpi resolution. These copies are supplied from a 200 sheet paper tray that easily provides stock for most jobs. Multiple documents can be copied through the use of the 30 sheet automatic document feature.
The DCP-1000 along with being a high quality printer and copier also provides the ability to scan documents. A 9600 X 9600 dpi interpolated resolution flatbed color scanner completes the abilities of this machine. When scanning is initiated, a dedicated scan key automatically initiates the proper PC application to run a scanning program.
One of the features of the DCP-1000 is a low Brother DCP Compatible Toner indication. When this indicator illuminates, the owner has the ability to print over 100 more pages before the Brother DCP 1000 Toner starts to fade. If the owner does not have another toner cartridge on hand, this low toner indicator can be utilized to serve as a reminder to purchase another toner cartridge. Brother has simplified the process of changing toner cartridges thus making the job one that anyone can accomplish with ease.
Many printer or copier owners are reluctant to leave the machine during the course of the printing or copying job due to paper jams. Paper jams are a headache for many owners causing delays in a print or copy job. Brother has provided a machine that seldom jams allowing the owner the ability to not have to babysit the machine during a job.
The DCP-1000 provides an adequate resolution for most applications. Copying photographs is adequate for most situations however the scan resolution might not be high enough to allow the archival of a photographic collection. However given the economy of the DCP-1000, this general purpose machine will provide adequate use for most applications.

By: Ben Pate

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