internet: Social Networking and SEO

Getting Started with Social Networking SEO Style

The best way to start all of this is to sign up to different Social Networking sites such as Myspace or Facebook. It is quick, easy and very painless in signing up and getting started with your profile.

There are many premade layouts, themes and skins for Myspace so if you are not the best with web design and CSS you can use one of these and edit it but be sure to include plenty of back links to your website all over the page using anchor text for keywords for your site.

Once you have built your profile / page you have to remember you need to keep up to date with other users and especially people who visit your page.

The best way to do this is to constantly add new content which is relevant to the people / audience who view your profile to keep them interesting and maybe adding you as a friend (There is a link to your profile, in return links to your site from there)

Relationships With Other Community Members

Just having a profile on these sites will help you with SEO slightly you can get involved with discussions and debates about certain things. If your website is based on say “Computer Repair” then take a look for articles, posts and forums within this niche. If somebody has a problem with their PC then try your best to help them out. This will not only get a back link to your site but it will also give a great representation of your services to other members and you can maybe sneak a few keywords in here or there along the way.So I Have Many Friends, Now What?

Once you have built up relationships with other members you can start to advertise to them with things like Bulletins. I don’t suggest you go onto all of their profiles and leave comments with big pictures saying “Hey, have you seen our new site” as people will just get annoyed with you.

If you use press releases within Bulletins then it is a great way to let hundreds of people see your articles and content which will in turn persuade them to take a look at your site (You can also sneak another couple of backlinks in there)

Using Facebook for SEO

Facebook is great in the way that it sends out alerts everytime you make even the slightest change to your profile. If you add a picture, add a comment or do anything it will tell everybody about it.

This means when you update a link, everybody will be told about it and 95% of the time if they are your friend they will take a look at it to see what you have been up to (People are nosey like that)

As well as having school friends, work colleagues you can also do a search for people by interests etc. So if you run a band website you can do a search to see who likes the same band and keep them up to date with new articles on yoru site which they will be keen to read. This type of traffic is the best sort because it is genuine traffic and people have an interest in the content.

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