Internet: How to Write SEO Articles

Writing an SEO article is never as simple as it seems,

but with the
knowledge of what search engines look for in text of articles, you can
quickly learn how to write powerful optimized articles that bring in
big results.

How do the Search Engines find my articles and pick keywords?

Search engines scan your site and link to your articles based on the
keywords present in the articles, so before you start writing your
article make a list of the keywords you want to target. If you have a
website based on African Safaris, your list may look something like


Choosing the right keywords can be difficult because people, not
machines are the ones searching for the keywords in your articles.
You can overcome this by using SEO tools that provide sample keywords
for different phrases and common search terms. Most importantly,
write as many articles as possible. An article on African Safaris
focusing on American tourists would have different keywords than one
focusing on European tourists. Another variant would be an article
focusing on first-time visitors to Africa, and even another article on
those who have visited before and plan to go back a second or third
time. This ensures that everyone looking for information on African
Safaris finds your articles and your website.

How many keywords should I use?
You should try to focus on 3-5 keywords in each article. If you
choose too many or too few keywords, the article can become difficult
to read and not effective. Once you determine your keywords, you can
look then focus on the density of your keywords. Keyword density
refers to how often you use the keywords in your article. Aim for one
keyword used in every three sentences. This makes search engines see
your article well, and makes them easy to read by humans as well.

How long should I make an SEO Article?

The length of an SEO article can vary, but most articles are about 500
words in length. Articles can be shorter of longer, depending on what
you plan to use them for. A blog entry would need to be shorter,
around 100 words, while a long story could be as long as 2000 words.
For general website promotion, try to have several shorter articles
instead of one long one. This creates the appearance of more pages on
your site, and also creates more links to your site in the search
engines. If you must have a long article, try to break it up over
several pages so that the multiple pages are generated in your sitemap
for the search engines.

Varying your keywords can lead to higher search engine rankings for
your articles. Instead of an article with the keywords ‘african’ and
’safari’ everywhere, create a second article with ‘africans’ and
’safaris’. This will ensure that no matter what search terms people
use, your article will be high on their search results list. You can
also use variants of your keywords in the same article – this may even
come naturally as you write the article since we write in normal
speech patterns.

And finally, be sure to use proper spelling and grammar while writing
SEO articles. Making sure the articles are easy to read can lead to
links to your articles, giving you even more exposure.

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