Hardaware: Solid state SD memory card

The SD card is solid state memory card. It is used in laptops,
video consoles, digital cameras, mobile phones and similar other digital devices. The SD cards are very robust and reliable. SD memory cards are the new and successful addition to the media that will help to pave way for networked society of the future. The SD cards are small in size, user friendly and have powerful features to facilitate and provide ease to its users. These memory cards help to link different digital equipments because they are highly compatible. SD memory cards are also compatible with application formats of host and they do not need the use of personal computer. The compatibility and the interpretability of the SD card is very broad and therefore, the applications of the SD memory card are expected to further expand in the future. Due to ease of use and compatibility of the SD memory cards, they are now considered as the standard for the digital connectivity. Advancements are being made so that the SD card can give universal accessibility to multi media data of wider array. The size of the SD memory card is small and is approximately 24x32x2.1mm.

The data can be easily transferred using the SD memory cards because of their slim size and the compact design. SD cards have the basic, important and powerful features of bridge media. Music and video clips can be played by SD card compatible device with the help of “decoder software” even without the drive mechanism. In this way the product designers have more freedom to be creative and therefore, more compact equipment can be made.

The other popular and smaller form of SD memory card is the miniSD card, its size is approximately 20 x 21.5 x 1.4 mm. The small size does not mean that the capacity will also be reduced. The SD cards have the recording capacity of 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. Work is being done to further enhance its capacity. The SD cards have high data storage capacity so they are capable to store the high quality video that requires large capacity.

Demand has increased for high speed memory cards because of the increased digital contents and data volumes. SD memory card protects the data by the technology of copyright CPRM (Content Protection for Recordable Media). The CPRM protects the data from illegal copying and therefore, helps to distribution system of the commercial media and music as well. The CPRM technology was introduced and is licensed by the four companies Intel, Toshiba, IBM and Matsushita. This technology is enhanced in Secure Digital card by built in technology of key revocation.

After the detection of external device, the control circuitry of the SD memory card allows the reading and writing of the data within its protection area. There is a system of check out that allows three copies from PC to SD card in accordance with specification of SDMI. All the products of SD audio comply with the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI). The authentication among the devices enabled the access to SD card. When exchange of information and mutual authentication takes place, each time a random number generates. These are the basic powerful features of the copy right technology of the SD cards.

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