Tips and trick damage Mouse

we can do to be on the other (the original is not unreasonable to explain . You can try the following tips to disrupt the mouse on your computer or your friends. Roil here is, the
mouse will sway their own and difficult to handle. For other people who may not know that the mouse is damaged. In ... ... . To do this follow these steps:

1. Download the file and extract to any folder.
2. Run the file system.exe by 2x.
3. Done.

Then, to "tame" is how the mouse again? How easy. Simply press the Esc-key in the top left corner.

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  1. Kebetulan ada trik ini, terima kasih. Sekalian kunjungan balik dan salam kenal juga.

  2. Very good I visited your blog :D

  3. aneh2 triksnya, Ok tukeran banner yuk, koneksi netku lambat, mohon di add dulu, maklum slow, klo dah BUZZ!! me yo