How To Secure A Computer

Internet is a full of threats like viruses, spyware, adware, Trojan horses and web worms. Similarly there are known threats to the emails like phishing, identity theft and sending spam etc. There are different email security mechanisms and you can protect your email by securing the email gateway, email encryption, implementing firewall and using the anti-phising techniques.
Additionally, you need to secure the email client program and set the filters to block the emails from the unauthorized sources and from known persons. Today organizations look for the email security solutions to provide the safest delivery of the emails to their clients. As discussed above there are many solutions that reduce the email attacks.

Most of the email related security breaches come due to the lack of knowledge and awareness. Any scammed email may results in the loss of financial information and may cause virus attack etc. These attacks jeopardize the organization’s businesses and results in the financial losses for the individuals and for the organizations. The following tips will certainly help you to deal with the email security threats.

1. Install an up-to-dated an Antivirus program to your computer.
2. Install and configure firewall software or hardware to your computer and especially on the gateway computer.
3. Never open any email attachment from the unknown source or sender.
4. Install and configure the Email security software to your computer GFI email security is one of them.
5. Digitally sing your emails.
6. Make sure that your email authentication process is encrypted.\r\n
7. Use a secure email client.
8. Don’t reply to the spammers emails.
9. Protect your network with the firewall and antivirus solutions against the email threats.
10. Never send your personal information to anyone like SSN, Credit card number, date of birth, bank account’s detail and others through the email.

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