Tricks of the PC remotely

Internet offers the convenience of a million from online business to communicate a matter of convenience, but behind all that there is a use as a crime and there is a positive activity for the following Triks retrieve data from another computer without having to open the PC. Name of the remote desktop connection

The first step

Activate the first feature remote desktop PC that will be
How right-click [My computer] on the desktop or in Windows Explorer click [properties]
So that the system properties box appears, in the system properties box, click the tab [remote]. panel on the remote desktop checkbox [allow users to connect remotely to this computer], then click [select remote users].

Useful box next to Access the user account on a PC that will be controlled from long distance, so that someone will access your PC remotely from the need to use accounts that have registered, remember the administrator account and administrator account selevel can be used to access your PC even if it is not registered, careful when one of the accounts that do not have a password so other people can access your account can he know the name of your account, so for the heart-to hatianya you make a password on each account

Adding an account.
Click [add] input your account name and click [OK]

Already completed in the PC that will be accessed

Settings on the PC that will access the
Click [star]> [all programs] [accecories] [communications] [remote desktop connections] show that the PC will be controlled, if the PC will be located on the local network that the PC input the name, but when the PC is aka on the remote network on the internet and you must enter the IP address of the PC and click [connect]
Momentarily visible changes that have become a dark screen and the login box appears enter your account name and password if needed click [OK] to continue, if you change the display monitor, that is the PC you are Acces.

Happy trying!

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