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Portable Document Format, or PDF, is the digital document format we all know and love, and document conversion software makes it really simple to convert documents from other formats such as convert doc file into pdf . However, recently a new pretender to the digital document throne has emerged, and may challenge PDF for the position of top dog: Microsoft’s XPS format.

XPS stands for XML Paper Specification, and it was designed as a direct competitor to PDF. In other words, Microsoft are taking aim and firing at Adobe’s dominance of the digital document format world. Microsoft programs like Word now give users the option of ‘saving as’ XPS along with the other choices. Also, Microsoft’s popular Internet Explorer has the ability to read XPS files when users double-click on them. Microsoft has released a stand-alone viewer as well.

So is XPS likely to take over from PDF anytime soon? Should we all buy software that will allow us to convert documents to XPS or we take help of affordable software by which convert word to pdf? Pardon the skepticism, but no. PDF already does everything that users want from it. It’s not a flashy tool; it’s one that gets the job done, hopefully as simply and unobtrusively as possible. It’s not something that the average user thinks about, much less complains about. So it’s very unlikely that people are going to switch from PDF to XPS because it is in some way superior. Experience (e.g. VHS vs. Beta) shows us that people are perfectly happy to stick with what works, even if there is a slightly superior alternative.

On the other hand, Microsoft already has so much default market power from its software like Windows, Word, and Internet Explorer, that it could use new versions of these to push XPS on people in ways that they won’t even notice. This is an option, but they would need to be careful, because doing this kind of thing could constitute illegal anti-competitive conduct.

From the available evidence, it certainly looks like we are all safe to go on using PDF for now! It’s hard to see XPS muscling in on PDF any time soon.

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