Computer: Ups Maintenance And Support: Complete Peace Of Mind

Electricity is one of the major backbones of our technologies and developments. All our industrial and domestic appliances and machineries work on electricity. Even the satellite systems need

continuous power supply to keep running with their work. There are certain sectors where power off for a moment can cost up to few crore! So we need power backups to save ourselves from the horrors of the power cuts, surges and trips. Initially run with the computers it has now wide usage in nearly all fields. Not just UPS but also UPS maintenance and support are the need of the hour for uninterrupted work time and complete peace of mind.

More about UPS
UPS is a device where electricity is generated via battery backups. The UPS produces DC which gets converted to AC during the use by appliances. UPS has various components as battery pack, input output phase, external maintenance bypass switches etc. These UPS can vary from power output of minimum of 200VA to 4.8mVA. You must always choose UPS depending upon the number of appliances you can to run with it and also their total watt requirements. UPS generally works on two mode system- one is Standby technology/ off-line where the AC power passes straight through the UPS. During power cut there is milli-seconds break before start up of UPS. The other is line interactive technology where the UPS is directly in circuit with the device and AC supply. That means it keeps on running even when there is power but the battery pack charges then and during cuts it discharges producing electricity. So here there is no power cut at all. The UPS maintenance and support is most important to maintain your UPS life.

More about UPS Maintenance and Support

Under UPS maintenance and support comes complete installation services in case where you have opt for larger UPS that is not plug and play type. Electrical design, installation, switchgear and distribution boards, PDU’s and testing & certification, all comes under UPS maintenance and support. Also regular preventative maintenance and servicing is very important for proper output of your device. For this, choose a supplier who provides you 24*7 telephone support, fast response onsite time, periodic preventative maintenance visit(s), all makes/manufacturers of UPS covered. They should also provide commission services according to the need of the user, and should explain user handling. Battery replacements and disposals are also mandatory services included in UPS maintenance and support. For more details about UPS maintenance and support, you can always surf net and gather required information.

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  2. To keep running with their work you have need to supply the power continuously.There are various sectors where power off can cost up to few crore.So we need power backups to save ourselves from the future point of view.The UPS maintenance and support services are include the battery replacements and disposals.